Thursday, July 23, 2009

~ Swarovski + Pearls ~

Dear Guys.. more designs uploaded!! Necklaces made of swarovski/pearls~

Hope u all like it~~ Feel free to ask if u have any questions or requests...

The clr of pearls or Swarovski crystals can be changed to ur preferred colours.

To order: comment on cbox or email to

PN15 - Prom Swarovski Crystal V Necklace
Price: $36 SGD

PD17 - Swarovski Heart Pearl Necklace (Black / White)
Price: $12.90 SGD

CM01 - Sapphire Swarovski Crystal Necklace
Price: $23 SGD

PN16 - Black & White Polkadot Necklace
Price: $14.90 SGD

PN14 - Black n D Purple Pearl Necklace
Price: $18.90 SGD

PN05 - Rose Pink Swarovski Y Necklace & Silver Plated
Price: $11.90 SGD

PN10 - 8mm Pearl Necklace
Price: $12.90 SGD

PN12 - Long Pink Pearl Necklace (3 ways of wearing)
Price: $12.90 SGD

PN11 - Purple Multi Pearl Necklace
Price: $18.90

PN13 - Double Layer White Pearl Necklace
Price: $15.90 SGD

Thanks for viewing and more accessories available at this link >> PrincessDiary

win win


Rosamond said...

You are so creative. I love your designs!! <3

♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

Thanks for ur compliment... if u like any of those pls inform mi.. i do shipping internationally~ more designs will be up soon~~