Wednesday, July 22, 2009

~ Lovely Swarovski ~

Hey guys~

Below are some of my handmade accessories using Swarovski Crystals~

More designs will be added ~

PD37 - Unique Sapphire Swarovski Crystal Earrings
Price: $8.90SGD

PD42 - Rose Pink Swarovski Crystal Earrings
Price: $5.90 SGD

PD52 - Mismatched Colourful Dangle Earring

Price: $7.90 SGD

PD64 - Glamour Purple Swarovski Heart Earrings

Price: $8.90 SGD

PD71 - Season of Love

Price: $8.90 SGD

PD72 - My Little Angel

Price: $7.90 SGD

PD20 - Montana Swarovski Crystal & Ring Drop Earrings Blue Crystal
Price : $6.90 SGD

PD30 - Purple Swarovski Crystal Chain Earrings
Price: $6.90 SGD

PD66 - Swarovski Princess Style Earrings
Price: $7.90 SGD

** Items are not 925 silver unless stated. **

For ladies who have sensitive ears, 925 Silver Hook is recommended. Additional charges of $1.20 for changing to 925 Silver Hooks. For ladies without earholes, clip ons can be replaced.

Hope u guys like it... more pics will be posted up once i have time.. meanwhile u can refer back to my old webby (link provided above) for more designs...